2002 – Sense of Wonder

Industrially produced jewelry is often non-poetic in nature. The collection Sense of Wonder wants to change this by asking designers to think about a perspective which is not purely based on functional or material aspects.
An international group of product and jewelry designers was invited to design a reproducible piece of jewelry, with a vision and/or new technology that will evoke a sense of wonder.
With this collection chp…? wants to emphasize new technology’s expressive potential (materials, techniques, procedures). On the other hand it was not meant to make the use of this new technology compulsory, since traditional materials may also be used in an expressive manner and call up on this sense of wonder too. Whatever the perspective chosen by the designers, the piece of jewelry had to be designed as a means of communication in order to bring about wonder, surprise or amazement in the field of jewelry.


With: Ron Arad (IL), Gijs Bakker (NL), Pauline Barendse (NL), Dinie Besems (NL), Onno Boekhoudt (NL), Konstantin Grcic (DE), Marti Guixè (ES), Esther Knobel (IL), Matijs Korpershoek (NL), Ted Noten (NL), Paolo Palma (IT), Ellen Sillekens (NL), Wieki Somers (NL), Ilka Suppanen (FI), Tjep (NL), Marcel Wanders (NL), Max Wolf (DE).


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