2010 – Body Stories

Our body should be conceived of as our means of communication with the world, rather than merely an object within that world. Jewelry with its intimate connection to the body and direct physical contact to our skin is the means by which we tell our stories, of our bodies and therefore of ourselves.


Everything we have to say, we say through our body, in verbal or non verbal ways of communicating. Jewelry is the extension of this message – our stories are told by how we choose to express ourselves. Stories of desire, stories of experience, stories of…
For the theme of ‘Body Stories’ again a group of international designers was invited by chp…? to design their interpretation.


With:  Benjamin Lignel (FR), Brecht Duijf (NL), Campana Brothers (BR),  Susanne Klemm (CH), Philipp Kaefer (DE), Gina Hsu (TW), Annelies Planteijdt (NL), Iris Nieuwenburg (NL) and Mi-Ah Rödiger  (DE).

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