2013 – Global Identity

Throughout history man has traveled the world via intricate networks such as the trading roads of the Roman Empire, the Silk Road, and the sea routes of the British and Dutch East (and West) India Companies. Although global aspirations were restricted to a few people, global influences are widely known for ages, in food, fashion, textiles, ceramics, architecture, ship building, science and so on.


Today global is a notion that is used in many ways. We talk about the world as a ‘global village’ thanks to electronic connections that are available anywhere, anytime. But what, exactly is ‘global’ now, what does the term designates? Is global an orientation or attitude? Is it part of our identity? Can it alter our thinking and actions?
Identity can be described as the fusion of characteristics and definitions that make each one of us recognizable and unique.


For millennia jewelry has acted as symbol and signifier of a wearers identity. We broadcast our status, affiliations, and beliefs through adornment. In what way does a global perspective change not only what we put on the body but also what we make for the body? How does the idea of global affect our personal, cultural, and national identities?


Designers and artists from different continents were invited to think about these questions and to design a new piece of jewelry that might show our global identity, or that reflects on global issues.


With: Atelier Ted Noten (NL), Bertjan Pot (NL), Dinie Besems (NL), Formafantasma (IT), Gijs Bakker (NL), Hector Lasso (DE), HOKO (SG), Kerianne Quick (US), Manon van Kouswijk (NL), Natasja Boezem (NL), Noon Passama (TH), Paolo Ulian (IT), Studio Homunculus (KR), Study O Portable (EN), Sylvain Georget (FR).

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