2015 – Make it chp…?

Two things have been important for us at chp…? jewelry since our founding in the nineties: the people we work with and innovation. Jewelry designers, product designers, architects, fashion designers, graphic designers: we have invited anyone we thought was interesting in their field to try their hand at jewelry. Innovation came to us through these designers – their outlook on the themes we gave them, their unconventional ideas about jewelry itself, about wearing jewelry, about what jewelry actually could be, as well as the new techniques they used and the new materials that came with those techniques.


This year’s project, Make it chp…?, is the first to work the other way round: we handed the innovation to the designers and challenged them to take the next step, using it in their jewelry. The innovation is (a patent pending) software service called Make it LEO and the designers are Minale Maeda. The project is a chp…? project just the same – but with a twist.


The outcome of the project won’t be seen in our shop. It is not a product as such. You will only see what you will get when you order. You, as a person, where you are when you order and what the circumstances are at your location will determine what product you will get. An orchid – that is the only thing you will know, but not the real deal and not even a look-a-like. You will get the data to 3D print your orchid, that’s what you get.


But there is more, as Make it LEO is no ordinary software. Make it LEO stands for Make it Limited Edition Object – the designer determines, through Make it LEO, what can happen with the data; how many times he allows you to print from one file, how large an edition is, if you are allowed to scale the object or not – and this brings us back to what is important to chp…?: Designers. With Make it LEO they are in control of their designs, they decide, they call the shots. Innovation and designers, designers and innovation – a golden combination, as far as we are concerned.

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