chp…? jewelry is a brand. A collection. It’s jewelry in context. It’s a Gijs Bakker project.


chp…? jewelry, based in Amsterdam since 1996.
Designer and co-founder of Droog Design Gijs Bakker and Italian gallery owner Marijke Vallanzasca set up the foundation Chi ha paura…?, wanting to show the world that by producing conceptual design jewelry, a good piece of jewelry is more than a decorative accessory. For chp…?, the brands name since 2013, originality of the concept is central to the design and is supported by a fitting choice of material and technology. 
By showing that jewelry design evolves just like any other design discipline chp…? fills an existing void by making designer jewelry more widely accessible.


chp…? asks well-established designers to invigorate the tradition of jewelry design, while paying particular attention to concept, play, new techniques and materials, and by this concentrating more on the preciousness of the idea rather than on the material value of the object.



Gijs Bakker is the creative director of chp…? and its collections,  Nora Morton is the general manager, a connection between chp…?, the retailer, the customer and the designers.
James Tergau is the project manager, dealing with exhibitions, Miriam Eijgenstein is in charge of PR and Federico Pazienza works as product developer.
The chp…? board consists of Gijs Bakker, Arthur van Schendel and Liesbeth den Besten, whilst Aad Boon, Alba Cappellieri and George M. Beylerian are the company’s consultants on strategy, development and commercial matters. Pauline Barendse joins our think-tank whenever new collections are being made.
More than anything else though, we live by the wonderful people that accept the invitation to design for us….


Jan Matthesius



All chp…? products are made with the utmost care, mostly by hand, by jewelry maker and technical brain Jan Matthesius. He is a skilled gold- and silversmith and for many years has been a part-time teacher at the Polytechnical College, Schoonhoven (NL). Jan is responsible for design development, including the search for the latest materials, clever technical solutions and innovative techniques. Each piece is finished by hand to assure a high quality standard.



chp…?’s collection consists of both timeless classics, bringing together unique jewelry pieces by internationally renowned designers and of work especially designed for chp…? in context of a project.

Once every three years chp…?, in cooperation with  Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch, invites a group of designers to design a piece of jewelry in response to a theme. So far Sense of Wonder, What’s Luxury?, Rituals, Body Stories and Global Identity lead to illusive designs.
All first prototypes ever made of designs for chp…? are in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum’s Hertogenbosch.



Because of their exploratory nature in the designs for the chp…? collection, materials are always mentioned on this website and can serve as a starting point to discover the versatile collection. The materials are also individually mapped in the wonderful catalogue ‘Designers on Jewellery’ that graphic designer Joost Grootens has put together for chp…?.

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