chp…? at Lesley Craze Gallery, London

Lesley Craze Gallery celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in October 2014. To mark this momentous event, the exhibition ’30 Years in the Making’ celebrates the talent and diversity in contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing by bringing together over 100 artists that have exhibited at the gallery over the last 30 years. Each artist shows two pieces: one piece from early in their career and one new piece. This exhibition showcases the development of contemporary jewelry and silversmithing,  encompassing a vast array of materials, styles and techniques from 1984 to 2014. For chp…?  the chp08 Circle in Circle and chp61b Plastic Soup bracelets by Gijs Bakker were exhibited. The exhibition runs until 22 November 2014.




Lesley Craze Gallery is an internationally recognised showcase for contemporary jewellery and textiles and has been an established and internationally celebrated gallery for nearly 30 years. They represent up to a hundred different artists from the world over: Australia, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Italy, Sweden and, of course, the very best of emerging and renowned names from the UK. They strive to always showcase new, cutting edge talent. For more information:

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