Device People – looking back at Milan Design Week


chp…? in Milan, at the Salone, 2018

Milan Design Week 2018 proved a huge success for Device People, thelatest project of chp…?, presented at new Milan hotspot ALCOVA. The building, one of Milan’s most historic panettone factories partly taken over by plants and vegetation, was open to the public for the first time during Design Week. Housing a group of 27 designers, institutions, galleries and companies, all working at the avant-garde of themes such as contemporary living, design culture, materials and technological innovation, ALCOVA immediately proved to be a hit resulting in long queues at the gate.

Patrícia Domingues working on the Modern Animist installation

Device People is a project based on the impact that electronic devices have on our daily lives. The designs of Bart Hess, Conversation Piece, Jing He, mischer’traxler studio and Patrícia Domingues responded to our brief in various ways: critical, playful and even by making jewelry totally consisting of the left overs of the devices that rule our world. The exhibition, designed by Lisanne Fransen and executed by Stefan Auberg, displayed the designs and installation on panels that represented different types of iPhones and an iPad.

In Milan more than two hundred people participated in the Modern Animist project of Patrícia Domingues by placing the stone they chose in their hand and tagging #modernanimist on Instagram. Device Peoplewill be traveling to different places across the world, during which even more people will be invited to become part of the Modern Animism network.


Device People


Bart Hess – ‘EXT.’


copper lurex, pvc


Bart Hess’ design represents the fusion of technology and body in which data cables turn into extra organs.

Bart Hess – ‘EXT’


copper lurex, monofilament


The hairs in this piece can be seen as the next level in digital evolution, integrating technology with our instincts.



Conversation Piece – ‘Nu Jade’

e-waste: shredded plastic and gold


The bracelet is made from e-waste; in colour and appearance it mimics the traditional Chinese jade bracelet that is worn by many Chinese women to ward off evil.



Conversation Piece – ‘Black Transparency’


e-waste: gold metal particles and quartz crystal


The screen of this brooch unveils a spectacle of sparkling gold flakes and crystals – the remnants of electronic waste – while reflecting our image.



Jing He – ‘Surface’


porcelain, transfer print


Cellphones show social status. By copying the surface of an iPhone, which bears traces of our repeated fingerprints, an alternative and hidden record of our relationship with devices and information is made visible.



mischer’traxler studio – ‘Finger Blocks’


silver 925


mischer’traxler studio invites us to stop using our devices The Finger Blocks introduce a new type of ornament, a fingertip coverer, that combines functionality with decoration.



mischer’traxler studio – ‘Real Image’


stainless steel, titanium nitride coated glass/ black coated glass


The designers put a mirror in the palm of our hands, the place that normally holds your smartphone, in an attempt to remind us that we are part of the now and here and not only of our digital surrounding.



Patrícia Domingues – ‘Modern Animst’


artificial stone


An installation consisting of blocks of artificial nature that will slowly be fragmented into small pieces. Choose your favourite stone and carry it with you as an amulet. Take an Instagram picture showing it in your hand and tag #modernanimist.




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