2007 – Rituals

A piece of jewelry is a small object able to be of great significance to a person. People and jewelry are inseparable: jewelry has a human scale, humans impute meaning to jewelry.
A piece of jewelry is not merely a decorative ornament; it again often has a meaning to someone beyond the here and now. This might be something personal, marking an event, a celebration, a loss or an identity. These meanings can also be universal, part of the code language shaping society.


In industrial and secular societies rituals have often lost their meaning: initial rites of passage are often not known to us anymore, death and funeral rituals have become standardized. Jewelry is part of a familiar ritual such as marriage, and it is frequently present in military and other official decorations. What has happened to  human and social rituals?
Is it possible to develop or reinstate new rituals in modern life? Does this already happen, without actual acknowledgement – in group identities, life styles? What kind of role does contemporary jewelry play when it comes to rituals?


With: Constanze Schreiber (DE), Warwick Freeman (NZ), Lin Cheung (EN), Susan Pietzsch (AU), BLESS (FR), Gijs Bakker (NL), Frank Tjepkema (NL), Susan Cohn (AU), Michael Leung (HK), Ted Noten (NL), Katja Prins (NL), Ruudt Peters (NL), Chris Kabel (NL) and Frédéric Braham (FR).

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