Workshop for design students – Museo Franz Mayer

Following the opening of the chp? on tour exhibition at Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City, Gijs Bakker conducted a workshop about designing. Over 40 undergraduate students and their professors from Universidad Anáhuac del Norte, Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial CIDI-UNAM, and Universidad Iberoamericana IBERO CDMX were present and attentively listened and participated.



Gijs started off elaborating on his designing philosophy. He explained about the importance of creating a content of your design before anything else. First you must have a reason, an idea, a cause and translate these into words, only then the next step is to design. chp…? tries to carry out this philosophy by creating a theme, which automatically provides a specific content, and to which the designers will respond with their own ideas and interpretations.

Gijs then asked the participants to make some rough sketches. One of the things he noticed was that people, without realizing, tend to draw existing shapes and forms out of memories. Gijs told the participants how to overcome this tendency:


“By falling back on your own story, your own idea and reasons. Only then you will come to the point of transforming to a communicating form”


It was obvious to Gijs that the participants’ ideas were impressive and very strong, fed by an aggressive world, where corruption, drug wars and in particular the murdering of journalists, seakers of truth, where prominent.


Following the workshop the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico, the Franz Mayer Museum, and KLM invited these undergratuate design students to participate in a Jewelry Design Contest. Read more about the contest and it’s winners.





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